Blog #7 High Points: The Bright Moments to Help Navigate the Dark

Throughout my time in the business, I’ve discovered there are more low points than high points. The trade off is that the good days are REALLY good. Like, extraordinarily good. Like, pinch me, I MUST be dreaming, my heart is so full it will explode, my soul is sparkling with joy- THAT good. The first week of 2019 has launched me into the new year in one of these high points and I am holding onto this euphoria for as long as I possibly can.

For the past two years, I’ve had the great pleasure of being a member of the cast developing a new musical called “Houdini Among the Spirits,” script written by Chris Ceraso and music by Bill Zeffiro. (A special thank you to Bill, Chris, and Eric for including me again on this project)! This past week I was invited back to be a part of a 5 day workshop and 2 day reading performance, with fresh adjustments made to the musical. Honestly, I cannot remember a time filled with more excitement and just pure bliss on my end. To be in rehearsal working with the other magnificent actors is surreal. At this point, many of us know each other, and to work with friends in this capacity is a treasure. New actors are also added, and it is phenomenal to meet and include them in the group. I have the great privilege of not only singing in the ensemble, but swinging for all the female characters. I have the special opportunity to learn all the roles and fill in when the principle actor cannot make the rehearsal, or attend the rehearsal of a single actor and sing along with them for duets/ trios they may be a part of. It is in these moments that I really have to pinch myself. Some of the actors included on this project are people I grew up listening to as a kid. The little Abby who was dreaming of living and working as a musical theater actress in NYC. Now I’m singing along with them in person. As I said…SURREAL. AND the best thing about it, is that they are so kind. So generous. So dedicated to giving their best work. They do the research and come to rehearsal as prepared as they can be. I admire this, and learn so much from observing them work and perform.

The two performances we did this week on 1/7 and 1/8 went well. We learned a lot from each performance and it was so rewarding to share our hard work with a supportive audience. It is because of this experience that I just can’t stop smiling. I went into my auditions this week with my heart just shining and my cheeks sore from grinning. Houdini has been a very bright “high" point” in my 2019 that will serve as a great reminder for me for why I do what I do. It is incredible experiences like this that I hold close to my heart and remember on the days that suck. And let me tell ya…many days suck. What gets me through the low points are the high points that I treasure: my community of incredible friendships, unforgettable performances, auditions that go well, and the days I find time to practice. Without these things, I wouldn’t make it.

My wish is that all humans- actors or not- can find their own personal “high points” in their own lives and keep those moments close. Embrace the good and beautiful things that happen and hold onto them tightly. The good stuff is good because we’ve navigated the tough and can appreciate and be grateful for the brightness.

Keep Hustling! ~Abby


Abby Hase