Blog #1: New Places, New Faces, New Friends

Welcome to my blog Actress@Play! As I was updating my website, the inspiration bug bit me, which led to the idea for my blog: A creative outlet focused on the journey to achieving my life long dream of being a Broadway actress...or more specifically, Christine Daae in the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, but I'll get into THAT story in a later post.

I'm coming up on my three year anniversary living in Manhattan, and wanted to start sharing some of the experiences I've had during my time here. For those that know me, it will be a way to catch up and read about my daily adventures. For those who don't know me, but are interested in performing, it will be a glimpse into the day to day life of a working actress. If anything comes of this blog, may it be the inspiration to follow your heart wherever it may lead.

Getting started! So this week in my gratitude practice, I'm looking back and thanking the universe for the incredible friends I've made during my time in the city. When I think of the relationships I have, it reminds me of the Phil Collins song Strangers Like Me "I wanna know, can you show me? I want to know about the strangers like me." New York City has introduced me to strangers that quickly turned into friends that will last a lifetime. I've had the honor of befriending other actors/actresses, musicians and dancers that are so inspiring and dedicated to being their personal best and spreading their light. I'm in a constant state of awe- they are all so incredible.

Central Park + Sunshine = BIG smiles

Central Park + Sunshine = BIG smiles

Today, I had the privilege of hanging out with the first friend I made in the city. Makayla and I met at a Wicked chorus call one rainy July morning. We were both brand new to New York and had just graduated from school. As we dried off in the old Telsey audition/casting studio, we exchanged contact info, auditioned, and went our separate ways. It wasn't until a couple weeks later when Makayla invited me to join her at the St. Marks Yoga to the People class that my world was turned upside down. (Literally, I was upside down) I had never done yoga in my life, and after coming out of six years of academia, finding peace and quieting the mind was a much needed relief. From that day on, yoga became a weekly practice, and Makayla and I have become close friends and strong supporters of each other's dreams- as well as fitness buddies. 

One of the greatest treasures we stumble across are the friendships we make. I am unconditionally grateful for my New York family and SO proud of each of their successes.

Sing.Dance.Act.Inspire.Love ~Abby