Blog # 2: Refocusing the Strategy

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of living life long dreams and surviving on the fight or flight instincts we take with us out into the world each day. Regardless of the ever changing pace, humans like to form habits and habits that feel like they are getting us toward our goal must always be good right? Well, maybe not...

I have a confession: I have a habit of filling every minute of every day with "super important things" and then burning myself out. Since the beginning of January I've not just been hitting the pavement hard...I've annihilated it running to MANY auditions. Most are for tours, readings of new musicals, regional theaters, Off Broadway, and of course Broadway. At the end of the day, I'm exhausted, but feel fulfilled knowing that I pushed myself to sprint around Manhattan...sometimes to three or four auditions in a day- PLUS fitting in rehearsals, classes, voice/ dance lessons, and running errands. (Somedays I'll be booked to work on set and I'll go before my call time). I destroy myself while also believing that this is just what it takes and I'll get through if I push a little further- take one more dance class, get seen at one more audition, sing JUST ONE MORE SONG. As you can imagine, burnout with this kind of mentality is 100% gonna happen. I burned out around the middle of April, and to be honest, I'm very proud I made it that far.

This type of mindset is probably unhealthy. As artists I think we all aim high and push ourselves to extremes to get as far as we can to accomplish our greatest desires. However, there comes a point when we gotta take a step back and look at the bigger picture and ask: "Is what I'm doing really helping get me to where I need to be?" "Could I maybe be pushing too hard?" The answer in some cases is probably YES!!!

This is when I like to refocus my strategy. What can I REALISTICALLY accomplish today and not feel like I ran myself into the ground? What are THREE- not seven or ten or eleven or eight or twenty, but THREE THINGS I can do consistently every day, that with time and patience and persistence, will help me achieve the long term goals in my vision? (Longevity is key) What are other angles or approaches I could be trying instead of doing the same thing over and over again? 

It is easy to look at the actors and actresses we admire and feel like "It just happened over night for them. They make it look so easy." Well, their careers probably didn't happen over night. They not only worked hard, they worked smart. They were probably frustrated at many points in their various journeys. The only reason they made it to where they are today is because they were patient and kept going. They leaned into the pain of changing up a habit gone rogue and switched up game plans. They took risks and trusted themselves. 

Last week I'm proud to say I changed up my bad habits of over planning, and so far, I'm feeling much better.

Broadway wasn't built in a day. Enjoy the pavement, the lights, the garbage, the food, the sounds, the high kicks, and the music along the way.

Sing.Dance.Act.Inspire.Love ~Abby