Blog # 3 Brew Your Own Stew

         Sometimes it can feel like NOTHING is happening. Sometimes it can feel like no matter how much we practice, audition, apply to jobs, memorize/ work on new material, go to dance/ acting/ voice class, put together our own projects and promote ourselves…it still feels like nothing is happening. Weeks can go by without seeing any outside progress and it can get frustrating, but THAT IS OK! Because… something IS happening. The energy we put in and the work we do creates a stew of excellence that bubbles and brews. We won’t always smell or taste our “brew of success,” but it is there. We are supported by the “stew” of our hard work and daily progress. It isn’t always glamorous or fun, but it is necessary to continue moving ahead.

            Lately I’ve found myself trying to navigate the tumultuous waters of inconsistency. Some weeks there will be days when all I do is practice, look for auditions online, apply to jobs, and go to dance class. Other weeks there will be tons of work, tons of auditions to go to, and shows to see. For someone who likes consistency and knowing what is coming, these pendulum swings can be exhausting. What I have found gets me through the high/ fast times and the low/ slow times are the little things I can make consistent every day. Working out in the morning, having great food accessible, and practicing voice, flute, and monologues every day because all three bring joy and make me feel productive. My “brew of success” is something I can make on my own and something ALL artists have the ability to create for themselves. No one has to see it, know about it, comment on it, or have an opinion because it is all yours!

        After my own “stew brewing” over the past 3 weeks, this week was finally filled with work, auditions, and shows. I gotta say, it was definitely worth the wait. Here’s to another week of working hard, failing forward, loving the people in my life and looking forward to whatever comes next.