Blog #6: Wrapping Up and Moving On

This week marked the end of my improv class at UCB and the beginning of new projects. The final class performance was a culmination of the various improv techniques we learned throughout the last 2 months, and it was so fulfilling to be on stage again. I had a blast playing with my classmates and I can't wait to get back into class to continue learning more. It was especially sweet for me to witness some of my friends experiencing their first time in a Green Room before a show or performing on stage. It reminded me of my early days and added to how grateful I felt to be performing again- even if it was only for 20 minutes.

With the end of one thing, comes the beginning of something else. My new adventure is going back into the fitness realm. I finally decided to take the jump and work towards becoming a certified Pilates instructor. My love of fitness has been a HUGE part of my life for many years, and has brought me so much joy. I finally decided that it was time to branch out from training myself on a solo adventure and to share my talents and knowledge of health and fitness with others. I am so inspired by my fellow athletes in the fitness community who are teaching classes and making such a positive impact in our community. I wanted to join in and be a part of the wellness movement too. The next 6 months are going to be an exciting and challenging adventure, but I am so excited to be working towards helping others achieve their goals.  

May this upcoming week bring you so much light, love, and happiness. Turn those dreams into goals and CRUSH them. <3

xoxo, Abby

Abby Hase